LeasePlan – EV adoption for employee vehicles


  • Introduce an EV policy in the Netherlands HR department


  • Prepared for common driver concerns
    • Topping-up on the highway
    • Flexible IT workplace enables work while charging
  • Defined new EV car policy
    • Compensation & benefits
    • Fleet manager and consultant support
  • Started at the top
    • Ordered suitable EVs for senior management
  • Educated drivers
    • One-on-one conversations
    • Trip planning
  • Eased the transition by including:
    • Try-out period with EV rental
    • Holiday car
    • Home charging


  • Driver familiarity
  • Range anxiety
  • Charging down-time
  • Cost and talent retention uncertainty (HR specific)

Key lessons and tips

  • Start at the top
  • Start with shared vehicles
  • Familiarize drivers via EV rentals
  • High mileage drivers can drive electric
  • Facilitate home and workplace charging
  • EVs do not significantly increase fleet costs


  • New car policy: EVs only from 2018
  • Positive employee reaction
  • Minimal impact on cost and talent retention
    • Cost increase was the home charger
    • No employees left the company because of the new policy

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