INGKA Group – 100% EV Shanghai


  • Achieve 100% electric or zero emissions home deliveries in Shanghai by 2020

Size of pilot

  • 43 EVs
  • 11 dedicated chargers + 300 public chargers
  • Duration of battery (100kw) in full loaded: 150km/single trip. 1.5 trips per day per EV in average with 1h charging replenishment.


  • Embedded in corporate strategy
    • Global management requested volunteers from company’s global markets
  • Decision-making process
    • The decision was taken by country retail management and group business council for making decision on all solutions, investment and implementation plan.
  • Engaged internal stakeholders
    • Involved multiple internal stakeholders such as sourcing, operations and facility management and procurement. Customer fulfilment was in lead of the project, supported by sustainability and country management.
  • Engaged external stakeholders
    • Created working group with relevant service providers
    • Chose markets based on city willingness and impact
  • Driver training
    • Adapted driving behavior to accommodate transition


  • Unstable battery range under the temperature of below zero degrees or over 35 degrees
  • Varied road access policies for EV operators in cities

Key lessons and tips

  • Strategic and committed partners throughout the transportation value chain (automakers, infrastructure providers, service providers, and regulators) are critical
  • New approaches leveraging digital platforms can speed project implementation and optimize the transportation network
  • Other transportation modes and strategies are also necessary to achieve zero emissions
  • Collaboration with companies looking to implement similar solutions can reap additional benefits in supply chain efficiency
  • To make change happen we need to embrace new ways of working


  • Achieved objective one year ahead of promise
  • 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide reduced annually
  • Reinforced IKEA’s brand positioning as responsible and sustainable
  • A boost to employee morale

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